A fifth Price of The Same Level

Over-the-counter hearing aids are now available through AcoSound—no appointment required.

No prescription and clinic visist. All hearing fitting and control in the palm of your hands.

Compatible with your Android and Apple iOS device.

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  • 120dB Super Power

  • AcoSound Chip

  • SIW Technology

  • Noise Management

  • Sound Data Storage

  • Nano Coating Tech

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AcoSound Professional Service

AcoSound offer the same profession service at your home as you can get at a clinic.

You can use the hearing aid to take hearing test, without the audiometer.

You can use AcoSound Mobile App for hearing fitting and adjusting Anytime.

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Specification Comparison

  • Price
  • DSP Channels
  • Adjustable Channels
  • Noise management
  • Maximum output
  • Mobile App
  • Battery life
  • Suitable
  • Remote expertise
  • Year warranty
  • product image

    Acosound Basic

    • $378
    • 32
    • 8
    • Basic
    • 100
    • 15days
    • Mild to Moderate
    • -
    • 1 Year
  • product image

    Acosound Smart

    • $698
    • 48
    • 12
    • Standard
    • 105
    • 15days
    • Mild to Severe
    • -
    • 2 Years
  • product image

    Acosound Remote

    • $898
    • 64
    • 16
    • Advanced
    • 120
    • 20days
    • Mild to Profound
    • 2 Years

An Authorized Supplier for WHO, Designed to help you hear what matters

Easy to Use

You don't have to go to stores, just one phone with AcoSound APP can log your hearing loss, do all the work for you with ease.

Sound Quality

Everthing we do is so you're not reminded of your hearing loss, Acosound adjusts sound to the environment and reduce noise in the environment

One-click Fitting

Designed for all ages, easy to operate, comfortable to wear, it automatically tests your hearing loss and fits by just one-clicking

Remote Fitting

Acosound hearing professionals discover more about your hearing health, your hearing is safe with our detailed guides.

Hearing Aids Self-fitting with a Phone App