Rosette Ruth Reisman, AuD, MBA, CCC-A

Founder of Urban Hearing 
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Dr. Reisman is a licensed audiologist, in New York and Florida, with over a decade of experience working across multiple sectors. She currently supports the field of Audiology on several fronts by educating Audiologists on the counseling, fitting, and rehabilitation of hearing implants, furthering the field as a university professor, as well as assessing and rehabilitating auditory processing disorders, specializing in individuals with Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder AD(H)D and other co-morbid disorders, in her private practice.

Her interest in working with AD(H)D began during her doctoral research which focused on diagnostic assessments with this population. Characteristics of the disorder make it difficult to get accurate hearing measurements both objectively and subjectively, however she was adamant about finding methods to evaluate and treat this population despite the challenges they have with auditory attention and communication deficits. Dr. Reisman has found that through auditory therapy and communication planning we can improve attention, behaviors, and social-emotional skills. 

Although her years of experience have allowed her to work with children that have AD(H)D, her expertise in this area comes from a more personal place. Having been married to a spouse and raising two children with ADHD, she has witnessed first-hand the challenges and stressors that this developmental disorder can create for a family as well as the individual. Dr. Reisman has also learned the importance of using communication strategies to ameliorate the symptoms and change the behaviors that accompany this deficit.


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