Be AcoSound Partners

Hearing aids industry is huge potential due to aging problems globally. People are looking for cost-effective solution to their hearing issues.

AcoSound Mission

Our goal is to offer cutting-edge hearing technology with a focus on compassionate care, at a price that is accessible to anyone with hearing impairment.

Founded in September 2011 with proprietary intelligent algorithms.

How We Support Partners

  • Training support: We promises to provide free training for the technical personnel of partner stores, with no restriction on the number of people.
  • Product Support: The company periodically upgrades and updates its products to meet market demands.
  • Material Support: Various materials such as the latest product brochures are sent free of charge.
  • Service Support: Remote fitting, debugging, and worry-free after-sales service are provided.
  • Technical Support: We provides free remote fitting software for partners, enabling intelligent fitting without the need to hire professional verification personnel at high salaries.

About AcoSound

  • Professional hearing aid supplier: All-digital hearing aids with independent intellectual property rights.
  • Completed research and development infrastructure: Core algorithm and chip, and independently packaged chips implementing proprietary algorithms
  • International collaboration projects: Undertaker of the WHO Hearing Aid Project.

Our Competitive Advantage

Excellent sound quality

The quality of sound produced by a hearing aid is contingent upon the computing and programmability of its digital signal processing chip, which is the core component of the device. With the AcoSound ACOD2100 chip, users benefit from up to 128 digital signal processing channels, and up to 32 channels of compression and amplification. The chip's robust computing power serves as a powerful assurance of meticulous sound processing.

Comfortable listening

The hearing aids are digital, high-performance, professional-grade devices that are customized for each user with hearing impairment, accurately compensating for their hearing parameters. They achieve the effect of hearing low-volume sounds clearly without loud sounds being too loud, while protecting residual hearing. Additionally, they are equipped with a noise reduction system to avoid the effects of noise, ensuring comfortable listening.

APP hearing fitting

Hearing aids are like audiometers, while smartphones are like hearing aid fitters. The AcoSound hearing aids support self-test, intelligent AI fitting, and remote fitting technologies. By downloading AcoSound app on smartphone and connecting it to hearing aids via Bluetooth, you can establish a connection with audiologists online, provide remote feedback on your customer's condition, and complete the fitting process easily.

Dolphin Sonar Series

Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids

  • Unique rhombus design
  • Fit into ear and comfy wearing
  • Track your environment in real time
  • Rechargeable hearing aids

OTC Self-fitting Series

For moderate-severe hearing

  • Multiple styles to choose
  • More detailed processing
  • Powerful acoustic feedback and whistle cancelling tech
  • Equipped with wireless capabilities

Video of AcoSound Company Introduction