Introducing AcoSound self fitting Hearing Aids 

Introducing AcoSound self fitting Hearing Aids 

People who wear hearing aids or have experiences with hearing aids know that to get their hearing aids fitted, they often need to go to a clinic and have their audiologist fit them to the hearing aids. After the initial fit, they often require multiple follow-up visits to the audiologist for hearing aid reprogramming before the hearing aids fully satisfy their daily life needs. However, have you ever wondered if the initial fitting and all the clinic visits can be eliminated, and instead all the fitting and programming processes can be done through a smartphone, and they are all at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need? Would you like to try the hearing aids that can do all of these things?

AcoSound self fitting hearing aids series introduction

AcoSound self fitting hearing aids are a series of hearing aids that can be self-fit based on your hearing test results. Even if you live somewhere remote or, due to physical or transportation limitations, you have a hard time accessing a hearing clinic. As long as you have a smartphone with internet connections, you can even have a hearing test completed through your smartphone via the free AcoSound APP.

AcoSound hearing aids self fitting

AcoSound self fitting hearing aids have a wide fitting range! In other words, it doesn’t matter how mild or severe your hearing loss is; it will pretty much fit it all! The maximum output is 120 dB. With the wide fitting range, our goal is not to let hearing loss interfere with your daily life, regardless of your hearing loss!

AcoSound self fitting hearing aids are also easy to operate and use! Turn the hearing aids on and off with just one simple click. So, the distance between you and better hearing is only one push button away! This simple-to-operate feature is convenient, especially for elderlies.

8 core characteristics of AcoSound hearing aids

You might also wonder what are some of the core characteristics that would distinguish AcoSound from other hearing aids out on the market? There are eight core highlights for AcoSound, and the purpose of all eight features is aimed at one goal: to allow you to listen to speech much more clearly and give you back the real-world listening experience!

AcoSound self fitting hearing aids series

1. 120 dB maximum output

A large fitting range for various degrees of hearing loss

2. Intelligence noise reduction

Intelligence noise reduction by digital processing chips and dual microphones system reduces background noises and enhances the ratios between speech and noises. By distinguishing between background noises and speech sounds to achieve speech enhancements, ultimately resulting in better sound quality.

3. Feedback detection and reduction system

Noise/wind block management system provides more comfort and pleasant hearing experiences.

4. Automatically adapt to the soundscape

The microphones constantly scan sound sources in the environment, and the hearing aids will automatically change between programs to enhance speech clarity and understanding.

5. Comes with four standard listening programs that will satisfy your needs in various listening situations

Program One: Quiet / Calm situation
Program Two: Speech in Noise situation
Program Three: Outdoors
Program Four: Telephone calls

The four programs were selected based on tens and thousands of hearing data!

6. Volume memorization ability

7. Nano water/sweat resistance technology

8. Professional remote care supports are available if needed

Schedule a time with our hearing professionals. This call is a vital part of your hearing journey and will help you get the most out of your Acosound.
You can take the call from the comfort of your own home, our Audiology Team works with you remotely to improve your hearing.

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You are never alone, and we are always here to help! Through the AcoSound APP, you are only three simple steps away from our hearing professional care support team anytime and anywhere you need.

AcoSound, Acoustically Better!

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