Who We Are

Our Mission

To be the most professional Digital Hearing Aids Manufacturer with Innovative Technology.

AcoSound is committed to the customers through our first-class products, first-class service, transfer our care and love to every customer. AcoSound always distribute our effort to the Digital Hearing aids industry. We believe people having hearing loss should never stop to achieve self-esteem forever!

Founded on Care and Love

Acosound was founded in 2011 by Dr. Li Peng expertise in biomedical engineering. We're a mid-to-high-end all-digital hearing aid manufacturer focusing on the R&D of domestic digital hearing aid chips and owning independent algorithms.

AcoSound, acoustically better. Every year, AcoSound send 3000 hearing aids to the people live in poverty with hearing loss. AcoSound always keeps in mind why they exist.

That legacy of patient-led service is still at the forefront of everything AcoSound does. People like you are the heart of our research, manufacturing and day-to-day hearing care. 

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