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AcoSound Smart

AcoSound Smart

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12 independent Adjustable Compression & Amplification Channels.Improved noise reduction. Adapts to your different environments. Personalized Data Storage

30-day, risk-free trial.

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  • Hear the difference

    Years of expertise to produce hearing aids that help you hear what matters most.

  • Tune it yourself

    App-enabled self-fitting and controls let you customize Hearing Aids on the phone screen.

  • No appointments

    You buy FDA-cleared hearing aids direct - no prescription, clinic visits, or copays required.

  • Pay much less

    Sells direct from factories. 100% online and low cost. Spend 0$ on lobbying.

  • RIC-S Type

    - The smallest RIC

    - 25-7k hz hearing test

    - Breathable earplugs

    - Mild to moderate hearing loss

    - Battery: A10

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  • IF Type

    - Invisible in the ear

    - Maximum output: 100dB

    - Comfortable wearing

    - Mild to moderate hearing loss

    - Battery: A10

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  • BTE-M Type

    - Open earplugs

    - Maximum output: 100dB

    - Comfortable wearing

    - Moderate hearing loss

    - Battery: A312

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  • BTE-P Type

    - BTE hearing aids

    - Maximum output: 120dB

    - High battery power

    - Mild to severe hearing loss

    - Battery: A13

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An Authorized Supplier for WHO

4 sound profiles

Acosound have four different sound profiles. It automatically optimizes the soundscape as you move between environments. Acosound improve the sound quality quickly and efficiently.

Block the noise

Focusing on the conversation or on the task at hand, is not easy. Neither is trying to get some real sound in a world that full of noises. Acosound lets you dial in life's volume so you can be at your best, on demand.

Look smart

Lightweight, comfortable on wear.
Reasonable structure and appearance. Small strong stability. You find yourself hearing great as if it doesn't exist.

Follow-up Care

Schedule a time with our hearing professionals. This call is a vital part of your hearing journey and will help you get the most out of your Acosound.
You can take the call from the comfort of your own home, our Audiology Team works with you remotely to improve your hearing.

Smart fitting by yourself

Acosound hearing APP works with Acosound hearing aids to provide clinically proven audiologist-quality customization to fit a variety of situations.

Mobile APP Hearing Test

Withtout going to store, Acosound Hearing Aids allow you to test and fit your hearing with just fingertips. It’s a quick and effortless way to instantly adjust your hearing aids, so nothing gets in the way of engaging in the moment.

Intelligent Fitting

Via bluetooth connection, our mobile app adjust the tone automatically and intelligently to your hearing so voices and sounds are more natural besides you just hear the sound. you can also setting options manually to make sounds richer and deeper for your own needs.

Remote Fitting

With Acosound direct-to-consumer hearing aids you can easily fit and tune yourself with the app for audiologist-quality results. And if you need help for more accurate fitting, our audiologists are there to improving your hearing. And it's for Free!

30 Days, Risk-Free Trial

Take as long as 30 days to try AcoSound hearing aids before deciding if the're right for you. Buy it Now!

Affordable Pricing

Experience the power of reliable, high-quality OTC hearing aids starting at only $378 per pair

Lifetime Support

AcoSound After-sales support team are professional and available to help when you have questions.

More natural sound

AcoSound has the lowest percentage of the harmonic distortions, the lower harmonic distortions represent the better sound quality.

AcoSound Smart Self-fitting Process

Customer Reviews

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Edith Haney

I am very happy with my new hearing aides.


Will this fit my ears?

We include a variety of sized earbuds with your order, allowing you to find your perfect fit. If the provided ear domes don't fit, let us know and we'll send more sizes!

How to maintain its best condition?

When the hearing aid is not in use, open the battery compartment and power off, then put it in the electronic drying box, plug it in and dry it for maintenance~

Why are your prices lower than others?

Did you know that two-thirds of the cost of most hearing aids is paying the salary of a doctor or audiologist? Doesn’t seem fair, does it? That's why we cut out the middle men, doctors, and sales offices to offer you state of the art hearing aids at a fraction of what most companies charge. Now you can get premium and high end hearing aids without breaking the bank!

What is the digital channel for hearing aids?

The hearing aid channel refers to the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) of the all-digital hearing aid, which is divided into multiple independent circuits to calculate and process the sounds of different frequency bands. Since each unit processes signals independently and does not affect each other, it is called a channel. The more channels, the better the sound processing, and the higher the relative price.

What are the benefits of wearing hearing aids in both ears

The benefits of wearing hearing aids in both ears:

First, there is a stereo effect, which is conducive to sound source orientation.

Second, it can effectively avoid the delayed hearing deprivation effect and protect residual hearing.

Third, it has the effect of noise suppression.

In a noisy environment, hearing aids with binaural hearing aids have stronger selective listening ability and higher speech recognition rate than single-eared hearing aids.