High frequency hearing loss and hearing aids

High frequency hearing loss and hearing aids

High Frequency Hearing Loss is likely the cause of your inability to hear particular sounds, high-pitched noises, or even specific letters. HFHL(abbreviated for high-frequency hearing loss ) is often a sensorineural hearing loss that results in the inability to hear sounds between 2000 Hz - 8000 Hz. This hearing loss is brought on by the destruction of sensory hearing cells in the cochlea.

High-Frequency Hearing Loss Treatments

If you experience high frequency hearing loss accompanied by high-frequency tinnitus, and it affects your quality of life and daily communication, active treatments are needed.

Clinically, it is generally necessary to apply vasodilators, such as Ginkgo Biloba extract tablets. Drugs that nourish nerves, such as Citicoline Sodium Capsules, Methylcobalamin Dispersible Tablets, and other related drugs are used for treatment. When necessary, hyperbaric oxygen, acupuncture, and other comprehensive treatments can be helpful. Some patients can recover if treated in time.

If your high-frequency hearing loss occurs for a long time, such as several years or months, it is typically difficult to treat in clinical practice. This is because high-frequency hearing loss doesn't always impact the patient's daily speech communication, and the impact might not always be obvious. So the significance of drug treatments in this situation is not always obvious. If tinnitus is present, it can be treated by wearing hearing aids and other related treatments.

What Hearing Aids Are the Best for High Frequency Hearing Loss

Manufacturers of hearing aids have made an effort to solve this issue with a technique known as Frequency Lowering. Instead of only amplifying high frequency sounds, hearing aids equipped with this technology may record high frequency sounds and transfer them down into lower frequency ranges. It follows that speech sounds with high frequency can be heard at lower frequencies, where hearing is usually better.

The cutting-edge technology delivers superior hearing loss treatment by adjusting sound signals based on the severity of your hearing loss. With the help of the hearing aids, it can provide you the clarity and speech intelligibility that you need with the presence of background noises, and tiny behind-the-ear open-fit hearing aids are frequently advised.

People who suffer from high frequency hearing loss tend to retreat from social situations. It's crucial to speak with an audiologist as soon as you notice any hearing loss symptoms to learn about potential causes and available treatments.

What Are the Primary Causes of Hearing Loss at High Frequencies?

High frequency hearing loss is mostly brought on by noise, aging, genetics, illnesses, and ototoxic medications. This kind of hearing loss limits a person to speech intelligibility, which refers to how easily one can interpret speech, and often they cannot hear noises like birds chirping, feminine voices, or baby coos.

For instance, it can be challenging to hear the consonant sounds such as s, f, and h. This is due to the increased frequency of consonant sounds compared to vowel sounds. As a result, speech may sound muffled, especially while chatting on the phone, watching television, or attempting to hold a conversation in a noisy environment.

The finest hearing aid for high frequency hearing loss should be chosen while considering other possible treatment choices to get the greatest outcomes.

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