What are CIC hearing aids

What are CIC hearing aids

Since the first behind-the-ear models in the 1960s, hearing aids have advanced a lot. The small, discreet hearing aids of today are more comfortable than ever. They can be customized in size, color, special features, and how they fit into your ears.

What are CIC hearing aids

The name of CIC hearing aids is short for Completely-In-Canal hearing aids. CIC hearing aids is one kind of mini hearing aids, which are smaller and more discreet thanks to modern technology, your ear will be custom-fitted, It's less visible than other larger custom styles.

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They are best suited for people with moderate-to-severe hearing loss. The custom-made style fits deep into the ear and doesn't allow for more powerful speakers or stronger processing power. For those with moderate-to-severe hearing Completely-in-the-Canal invisible hearing aids (CIC) are popular options.

But you need to consider this, you will find it difficult to wear if you have dexterity issues. It has much smaller batteries, so you need to change them frequently. And, manual volume and memory control cannot be accommodated in small sizes.

Are hearing aids from Completely-In-Canal right for me?

It is important to take into account your hearing loss type and the environment in which you are most likely to use your hearing aids. You may need small hearing aids with digital noise reduction for those who spend a lot of time in noisy environments such as concerts, sports events, or restaurants. Smaller CIC hearing aids will be more effective. However, the microphone is closer to the eardrum, so you will have a natural experience.

CIC hearing aids have a lower level of feedback, which can result in a more consistent hearing experience. CIC hearing aids can sometimes cause moisture buildup, so be careful. Newer models include wireless connectivity which allows for mobile calls and the use of technology devices such as mp3 players.

CIC hearing aids

The right hearing aid also depends on many factors such as your lifestyle, budget, aesthetic appeal, and desired features.

You may prefer hearing aids that have advanced signal processing to improve the clarity of your speech if you spend most of your time at home or in quiet settings.

CIC hearing aids initial fitting

If a CIC hearing aid is the right solution for your needs and personal preferences, the final step in the hearing aid evaluation process it to take careful measurements so one or two completely-in-the-canal devices can be customized for you. Your data from hearing tests will be used by an audiologist to create your CIC hearing aid. Most settings are adjusted in an office visit or clinic with special software.

AcoSound CIC hearing aids are featured with smart self-fitting, it automatically tests your hearing loss and fits by just one-clicking. It is fast, easy, and free, right from your phone.

AcoSound self-fitting

CIC hearing aids use smaller batteries, which means they have a shorter life expectancy. If you lack manual dexterity and vision, they can be harder to insert. People who are unable to see well may find it appealing to use completely-in-canal hearing aids. Because of its design, it is more likely to stay put. You can also adjust the settings to make it more personal during follow-up visits.

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