What are the best over the counter hearing aids?

What are the best over the counter hearing aids?

Everyone is familiar with the name OTC. That's right, we usually go to the pharmacy to buy over-the-counter drugs, and we can see "OTC" labels everywhere on the packaging. OTC is the abbreviation for over-the-counter, non-prescription drugs, which refer to those drugs that consumers can buy directly in pharmacies or drug stores without a doctor's prescription.

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Before figuring out "what are the best over the counter hearing aids"? Let's answer this question, how can OTC relate to hearing aids? Hearing aids belong to the class II medical devices, which refers to a medical device with a moderate risk that requires strict control and management to ensure its safety and effectiveness. As we all know, traditional hearing aids need to be sell and use under the professional guidance of hearing aid dispensers. But OTC hearing aids, also known as over-the-counter hearing aids, can be sold directly by mail or online ordering without supervision, prescription, or the involvement or intervention of a licensed professional.

From this point of view, the most significant difference between OTC hearing aids and traditional hearing aids is whether hearing aids need to be selected under the guidance of professionals. The features of over the counter hearing aids lead to doubts from industry insiders. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had a 3-hour discussion on the access regulations for OTC hearing aids.

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Are over the counter hearing aids any good?

  • Make fitting more convenient for the hard of hearing. It is more convenient to obtain hearing aids for people who prefer the comfort of staying home. Unlike traditional hearing aids, you don't need to go to the hearing center to adjust or program the hearing aid every time, and the OTC hearing aid adjustment is more effortless and intelligent
  • The price is more affordable, which helps to improve the acceptance rate of hearing aids for the hearing impaired. Online shopping has dramatically reduced material and labor costs (at least 50%) in the market, making those who were reluctant to spend high prices on hearing aids more willing to try. It has also played a role in promoting the widespread use of hearing aids.

What are the best over the counter hearing aids?

In addition to physical hearing centers, according to the "Non-Prescription Hearing Aid Act of 2017" in the United States, hearing aids can be sell by mail or online, and the sale does not require professional participation. Consumers can make the decision and purchase. Therefore, OTC hearing aids provide more flexibility, and you can adjust the hearing aids according to your needs anytime, anywhere.

To get your best over the counter hearing aids, avoid the hearing amplifier. The hearing amplifiers amplify all sounds in the environment, as a result one might be able to hear more sounds, but it is not clear. Hearing aids are used to help people with hearing loss to hear more clearly, and they can reduce background noise and enhance speech understanding. The price of hearing aids is slightly higher.

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Second, choose the hearing with smart self-fitting, allowing you to test and fit your hearing aids at your fingertips. It's a quick and effortless way to adjust your hearing aids instantly according to your hearing loss levels and preferences. Smart self-fitting is done through a mobile app via Bluetooth connection. The mobile app adjusts the frequencies automatically and intelligently to your hearing, so voices and sounds are more audible, clear and natural to you. You can also set programs manually to make sounds more vivid and suitable for your needs.


Third, an OCT hearing aid with a remote fitting function is a plus. However, if you need help with more accurate fitting, our audiologists are always present and ready to improve your hearing. AcoSound offers a remote fitting function to give you the similar experience as you go to a store to fit your hearing aids.

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