AcoSound Remote Fitting Solution enables our hearing care professionals to fine-tune hearing aids remotely, reducing the need for in-person appointments.

Download the AcoSound Smarting app in the App Store or on Google Play.

A fundamental part of the AcoSound experience, and a resource that you’ll get remote support.

For Your Better Hearing

AcoSound remote fitting series offers features such as video consultations, long-distance hearing aid adjustments, and personalized sound settings, which can be adjusted remotely to provide optimal hearing for individuals.

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  • Audiometers On the Phone

    Hearing test was designed by audiologists with own Tech Patent

  • Real-time remote support

    Online chats with a Hearing Pro until all your needs are met

  • on-the-go adjustment, anywhere

    Our team can adjust your hearing settings for you in the app

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Talk to a Expert for free

Our experts answer all your questions about hearing loss and hearing aids during consultation.

Schedule Your Call

No more visits

Attend follow-up appointments from home. You can also arrange appointments during your breaks at work. This new feature reduces the need for travelling and eliminates waiting time in the office.

Simple Operation

This user-friendly feature streamlines the process and makes it more convenient for all. The simplicity of Remote Fitting allows you to have follow-up appointments and schedule new ones.

Accurate Fitting

Even when physical distance makes it difficult to conduct in-person hearing aid fitting sessions, AcoSound is committed to providing the best possible support remotely. We understand that the process of finding the perfect fit can require multiple sessions of careful adjustment and customization, and we are dedicated to working closely with you to achieve optimal results.

AcoSound Frequently asked questions

I already have ears tested, is there a product that fit my needs?

Yes, after we receive your audiogram, we'll recommend you a hearing aid that fit you the most.

Can you adjust the use of the hearing aids, so I can use it directly?

Yes, we can adjust the hearing aids for you by offering us your audiogram. And it's for free!

Can I upload my existing audiogram from my doctor?

The AcoSound mobile app allows you to easily upload your existing audiogram to suit your hearing profile. For detailed instructions, please refer to the user manual. 

Where can I find the app to adjust your hearing aid?

The application is avialable on both Google Play store for Android and Apple app store for iOS. Just search for “Acosound” to find the app and download it. 

What kind of fine tuning options are available in the app?

It offers virtually unlimited configurability for your hearing aids. Easily adjust the gain on each frequency, reduced feedback, enhance speech amplification, reduced background noise, ajust Bass and Treble and much more.

AcoSound Support

At AcoSound, we're here to support you however we can, but if you're not finding what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact a AcoSound Support Representative.

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