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BTE-P - Aide auditive numérique programmable AcoSound pour perte auditive profonde

BTE-P - Aide auditive numérique programmable AcoSound pour perte auditive profonde

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L'aide auditive fournie avec un audiologiste.
Test audiométrique | Contrôlable par smartphone | Sortie HD | Programmation en un clic pour la version auto-ajustable.



- Matériau : résine médicale
- Aide auditive programmable numérique
- Haute performance de distorsion harmonique totale
- Autonomie en veille jusqu'à 10 jours
- Batterie : A13

Ce qui est inclu

- Appareils auditifs enregistrés auprès de la FDA
- Outil de nettoyage
- Livraison gratuite
- Assistance gratuite à vie pour les spécialistes de l'audition
- Essai sans risque de 30 jours

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Clyde Richardson

Your sales manual said I could take a hearing profile and upload to my HA using the app. I could generate the hearing profile but it said the uploading feature was not available with this unit. The gain of the HA floats around and resets itself with a load cherp about every 5 to 10 minutes. The background noise suppression is very good

Kerry Colip
Good hearing aids. App for set up easy to use.

Like you can adjust volume individually on each hearing aid. Nice and small and fit behind ear. Customer service is excellent.

Vitória Ido
Excellent hearing aids !!!

Absolutely love my Blaids! I tried all the major "self fitting OTC" brands and Blaids is far superior to them in terms of sound quality and configurability. Blaids is the only hearing aid that allowed me to upload my audiogram from my doctor in their mobile app. I noticed their app has far more customization and fine tuning options than the other brands I tried. I also tried the Blaids hearing test and found it came out exactly like the one from my doctor so they are doing something right.

Fantastic product!

I have been using a pair of "in-the-canal" type hearing aids for at least 20 years. I paid $3500 for them back then! They have been going bad on a regular basis lately and I have been paying $250 every time my Audiologist sent one back to the factory for repair. My Audiologist wanted to sell me a new set of the behind-the-ear type at $5000-$6000!
I finally decided it was time to research what is available online. After a LOT of research I decided on the BlaidsX-Pro. I was very hesitant, not believing that a company could sell quality hearing aids for that price! I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with them! They are much smaller that I anticipated, very comfortable to wear, and totally controllable through a smartphone app! You use the app to do a hearing test that plots your hearing loss from 250-7Khz and automatically programs the hearing aids to correct your hearing deficiencies! Finally I can watch TV at a level comfortable for my wife, and understand almost every word! It's like a miracle!
Austin in Customer Support has been great to patiently answer all my questions and follow up to be sure I'm totally happy! I had narrowed the decision down to two companies. The other company only offered a 90-day replacement warranty. Blaids gave me a 2-year replacement warranty! I'm definitely a happy camper!!!! :)

Amazon Customer
Product exceeded my expectations and customer service was impeccable

These hearing aids are top notch. I found myself constantly saying what what so it was time to get hearing aids. Reviewing multiple companies I bought these, not only is the product exceeding my expectations the customer service is explicit they could do no wrong they were very helpful and went way out of their way to make sure that these hearing aids were matched to my hearing needs. these hearing aids are very comfortable in and on your ears and you don’t even know you have them on they are that comfortable and they’re small and very discreet . Now my sister says she can’t whisper anymore, because I can hear her. Give this company a try you’ll find that you’ll be very very satisfied.

  • Assistance gratuite à vie

    Chaque fois que vous avez des questions, nos spécialistes dédiés aux aides auditives sont là pour vous aider à chaque étape du processus. Notre motivation est de vous fournir non seulement les meilleures aides auditives abordables, mais également les meilleurs services après-vente

  • À propos d'Acosound

    Acosound a été fondée en 2011 par l'expertise du Dr Li Peng en génie biomédical. Nous sommes un fabricant d'aides auditives entièrement numériques de milieu à haut de gamme qui se concentre sur la R&D de puces d'aides auditives numériques domestiques et possède des algorithmes indépendants.