Self Programmable Hearing Aids

Self Programmable Hearing Aids

Self programmable hearing aids is also known as self-fitting hearing aids. The app can be used to adjust the hearing aid without the assistance of an audiologist.

FDA already issued a final rule to improve access to hearing aids which may in turn lower costs for millions of Americans. This action establishes a new category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, enabling consumers with perceived mild to moderate hearing impairment to purchase hearing aids directly from online retailers.

A Self-Fitting Hearing Aid

A "do it yourself" amplification device is one possible solution for people with hearing impairments all over the world. It can be fitted and managed by the user without the help of a hearing professional or computer hardware. This is referred to as a "self-fitting" hearing aid.

This device concept is currently being evaluated and conducted by AcoSound, in response to the growing global demand for hearing care services, especially in developing countries and remote areas that are underserved in developed nations.

AcoSound Smart is a self-fitting hearing device. It consists of an amplification device consisting of a behind the-ear (BTE), and an instant-fitting APP. To start an automatic, in-situ hearing threshold measurement, the device has a tone generator. It can be activated with a remote or an onboard button. To respond to the tones, the hearing aid user uses the same button. The hearing aid wearer then uses the thresholds to set the parameters of the hearing aid.

self programmable hearing aids

The self-fitting hearing aid would have a training algorithm, as well as additional controls that could be used on the device or via a remote control. This would allow the user to fine-tune the device for his or her listening environment. In short, we propose a training algorithm that simultaneously collects and blends information about the acoustic characteristics and user-selected settings within that environment. As enough data is accumulated, the hearing device begins to predict the user's preference setting in a given environment and adjusts accordingly.

Programmable hearing aids that can be programmed by the user

The average cost per AcoSound device pair is US$698. This is comparable to a traditional, low-cost hearing aid.

A previous audiogram is required to program and adjust the devices, AcoSound offers hearing tests at its audiology APP for both iphone and andriod. Candidates who live far from the clinic should never seek out a local audiologist for a hearing test.

So hearing aid applicant can order devices without audiogram, programming devices are needed, they don't have to order AcoSound audiology app separately, they are available for free.

wireless smart fitting

It is similar to the fitting software used by audiologists in clinical practice. The fitting software includes a gain control with a 32-dB range, a 16-channel equalizer that allows gain adjustments at discrete frequencies between 0.25 kHz and 8 kHz. There is also a slider to adjust the level of noise reduction and toggle switches to activate or disable feedback cancellation.

If you have issues in the process of adjusting your hearing, you contact a representative of their company for a consultation by the APP. The software can be viewed either as a gain curve, or an input/output function. You can find short tutorial videos on YouTube and both websites that provide detailed instructions on how to use many functions of the APP or software.

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