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AcoSound Self-fitting RIC Hearing Aids 8/12/16 channels

AcoSound Self-fitting RIC Hearing Aids 8/12/16 channels

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  • Default Color: Beige
  • Mini RIC: The Smallest RIC Hearing Aid In The World
  • Upgraded: built-in Bluetooth module
  • Open Fit Earplugs Which Could Reduce The Ear Plugging Effect, More Comfortable.
  • At The Same Price Compared With Other Hearing Aids, With More Channels, The Signal Processing Effect Is Better, And The Sound Is More Solid And Real.
  • The Receiver Is The International Best Quality.
  • Smaller, Lighter, And Better Customer Experience.
  • The External Receiver, Speakers Closer To The Tympanic Membrane, Sound More Real.


- Self-fitting function with peripheral bluetooth module
- Material: Medical resin hearing aid
- Battery: A10
- Type: MINI RIC hearing aid
- Channel: 8/12/16 Independent Compression-Amplifier channels

What's included

1 pair Hearing aid
6 x Earplugs (Different sizes)
1 x User manual
1 x White Box
1x warranty card
1x Portable box

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Customer Reviews

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Hugh Wirch
My wife's new hearing aids

Seem to work fine so far, self-fitting is a plus, and built-in connectivity to iPhone is good. An issue is lack of instructions, despite repeated requests and assurance that they would be provided. The pamphlet that comes with the hearing aids is generic and doesn't include instructions specific to this hearing aid. We use the app for adjustments like volume and environment, so still not sure whether the single button provides those functions, or what else the button does and how. The online sales blurb still states that an external bluetooth adapter comes with the package, which doesn't inspire confidence. The lack of reviews online also seems strange, for a product that seems to have reasonable functionality at a good price. And, it's still not being sold on AliExpress or Alibaba as far as we can see.

  • Free Lifetime Support

    Whenever you have any questions, our dedicated hearing aid specialists is here to assist you every step of the way. Our motivation is to provide you not only the best affordable hearing aids, but also the best after-sale services

  • About Acosound

    Acosound was founded in 2011 by Dr. Li Peng expertise in biomedical engineering. We're a mid-to-high-end all-digital hearing aid manufacturer focusing on the R&D of domestic digital hearing aid chips and owning independent algorithms.