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  • Self-fitting RIC Hearing Aids

    RIC Bluetooth APP-Fitting Hearing Aids, /12/16 Channel Receiver In Canal Hearing Aid. Intelligent Wind Noise Management.

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  • Self-fitting CIC Hearing Aids

    Bluetooth In The Ear Digital Remote-Fitting Hearing Aids, Invisible and Light weight of 0.7g. Suitable for Young and Old

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  • Self-fitting BTE Hearing Aids

    Over The Ear Remote Fitting Hearing Aids. For Mild to Severe and Profound Hearing Loss. 120dB Super Power.

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Why Acosound

AcoSound enable you to live life at your volume by filtering the noise and enhance the voice.

We bring comfort and cure to your ears and give you control over how your life sounds.

AcoSound redefines what a digital hearing aids should sound, look & feel like.

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Acoustic Technology

Core Technology R&D Patent, which build a high technical barrier against our competitors.

Chips are produced specifically for every hearing aid, we call the chip Aco3001

Our full digital circuitry takes the signal and convert it into digital data. More natural, clear sound and great listening comfort

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AcoSound Experts for Your better hearing

Your personal expert in the comfort of your home.

Unbox your hearing aids and accessories at home and download the AcoSound App. With step-by-step guidance, you’ll be set up in no time, and if you need help, we are available by phone call, or chat.

Remote adjustments to your OTC hearing aids.

If you need additional support, our AcoSound experts are able to make remote adjustments to your AcoSound Smart-fitting OTC hearing aids when necessary.

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